Tips: Power wash front car porch

Time to fix: 60 minutes

Your driveway's concrete cracks gather fungi and moulds, which grow more prominent in hot weather. Hairline cracks that expand into massive ones eventually cause the entire concrete slab to crumble. Ugly? Yes. Preventable? Definitely. All you need to do is power wash your driveway once a year.

Why do you need to fix it?

  1. Fewer cracks in the driveway
  2. Enhanced driveway structure
  3. Better aesthetic view

So how to do it?

Clean up the trash on your driveway. Over time, your driveway has accumulated various items, including toys, sticks, stones, and leaves. To clear the driveway for your power wash, remove them and sweep it.

Connect the power washer and add detergent. It would be best to connect a garden hose to the inlet valve, a short, round tube that goes over your hose. Pour power wash soap inside the door marked "soap" or "detergent."

Spray the driveway with low-pressure water. Don't immediately blast your driveway with high-pressure water; instead, go slowly and steadily. Set the power washer to the lowest power setting, then sweep across the driveway's surface from front to back and left to right. Pull the trigger six inches above your driveway and slowly lower the nozzle while water flows to increase cleaning power.

Set the detergent on. Use the same sweeping motions you did before to carefully cover the surface of your driveway after turning on the detergent switch. Give the detergent 10 to 15 minutes to settle. In order to prevent driveway cracks from enlarging further, it is essential to concentrate the spray on the mould and debris there.

Clean off the driveway. It's time to give power wash some power. Use gentle, sweeping motions to remove the detergent from your driveway while setting your power washer to the maximum level. Well done; your driveway is now clean and resistant to cracking.

Advice: Don't be the type of person to push wash water into someone else's lawn or, worse, someone's car. Be responsible and be a good neighbour.