Just smile, you know who to call when the unexpected happens.

A home warranty is an annual renewable service contract that provides peace of mind and covers repairing or replacing important appliances and systems components that malfunction due to wear and tear.

Protecting more than 1,000+ houses

Join us, and don’t let home repairs drain your savings. A home warranty can help you protect against expensive, unforeseen repair bills and provides peace of mind.

Value Appreciate

A home warranty can add value and make the listing stand out. This helps you sell your home more effectively and provide quality repair.

Budget Protection

Covers repair or replacement of various major home system components that break down due to regular wear and tear.

Anticipate Expenses

Instead of guessing how much system failures will cost you. We offer a clearer understanding of what costs to expect.

Time Management

With a home warranty, you have a ready resource to call instead of scrambling for repair help.

How It Works

Handibee is a subscription-based home service that covers our members' repair appliances or systems. Pick your plan, sign-up, and relax, knowing we've got it from here. The last thing you need is a malfunctioning water pipe with a bunch of drama.

1. Sign Up

Choose the plan that best meets your needs. It is essential to ensure the home system is operating smoothly.

2. Discounted Repairs

Our group of Certified Handibee service technicians are here to assist when you need us.

3. Relax

Just relax, schedule a repair inspection, and we'll take it from there.

On-Demand Service VS Home Warranty

Our home repair and maintenance membership provides a unique service compared to on-demand handypersons. With subscriptions, you can get a solution that takes care of everything your house needs. That includes being responsive and responsible.

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Plumbing Repair

Wiring Issue

Air-Condition Repair

Auto-gate Repair

Termite Control

Appliance Repair


Cost: RM 100 -

RM 1,000

Cost: RM 150 -

RM 600

Cost: RM 130 -

RM 600

Cost: RM 100 -

RM 800

Cost: RM 150 -

RM 1,000

Cost: RM 120 -

RM 850

Home Warranty

Cost: RM 60 /per hour

Save up to 50% on repair bills.

With our home warranty, you can save more compared to on-demand handypersons. That removes the headache of breaking your savings during an emergency.


Readily available technicians

Don't waste your time getting quotations from many handypersons every time. Call our support line, and we'll assist you.

45 Days warranty after repair

All our repairs come with 30 days warranty. If the problems persist, the additional repair costs will be our responsibility.

Same day repair

Handibee can diagnose your house within the same day with a one-click report system.

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"As a homeowner and landlord of 3 units, Handibee is a lifesaver. Thanks to the user-friendly and straightforward interface and the knowledgeable technicians who consistently do the task on time and skillfully, the service is efficient in every manner."

Mohd Ramli, Bukit Damansara

"I'm satisfied with Handibee, not only for my own house but also for every friend I've suggested."

– Marc, Desa Park City

"Since I signed up with Handibee, I have been very pleased, especially with the personal support network that is accessible."

– Dr Tan, Bangsar

"My first experience with a home warranty company, Handibee was fresh and unique since they assisted me in discovering a long-term solution to my issue."

– Rodziah, Kota Damansara


Start protecting your home today.

It only costs RM 0.80 per day and takes less than 1 minute.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Home Warranty?

It’s a service contract that provides repair services to the members with a huge discount for your home wear and tear issues such as pipe leaking, wiring, air conditioning, electrical systems, auto gate, and water heaters.

Why do we need HANDIBEE Warranty?

  1. To save money, we cover all your repair and replacement service bills, regardless of whether it is a small or big task.
  2. We provide a warranty on all our repairs for more than 30 days with no extra charge.

What is the lead time for a handyman to arrive at my house?

Once HANDIBEE requests a call for an inspection, we will confirm a handyman within 4 business hours. A handyman will be sent to your house within 2 days. If it’s an emergency (pipe burst or electrical issue), it’s the same day.

Is HANDIBEE Home Warranty a substitute for home insurance?

No, we are not a substitute for home insurance. We only manage the normal wear and tear of a house. You still need home insurance for structural, nature disaster or thief coverage.