About Handibee

We're reimaging home maintenance and repairs to make owning a home simple for you.


Our Mission

Ultimate comfort for homeowners maintenance and upkeep

As a start-up, Handibee Home Warranty, we believe we are more than just a home warranty provider. With a combined experience of 30 years, we believe in offering the highest quality services at prices that are easy on your wallet. When it comes to breakdowns and system failures, we offer protection, peace of mind, and true joy from knowing that your home is safe and operating smoothly.

Handibee is poised to grow its market share by adding subscribers, talented technicians, and territories. Every expansion move is planned, thoughtful, and strategic.

The company has an experienced leadership team with a proven track record and a collaborative, agile, and data-driven team.

Why do you need a home warranty?

You might not believe that a home warranty plan is necessary. Why spend money you don't have to? Does a home warranty even make sense?

Unfortunately, many individuals discover too late the need for a home warranty to protect your house, family, and, importantly, your finances. You might regret skipping this crucial kind of home solution once your essential system or appliances start to malfunction or fails. Stop allowing this to happen to you.

Machines eventually malfunction. Sometimes, it's not your fault; they can break down. A washing machine, refrigerator, or even a complete system like your house water pipe or electrical system may need to be replaced at a very high cost if you don't have a home warranty plan.

Don't let your home's systems or appliance malfunctions become a considerable expense. A home warranty gives you the peace of mind that qualified experts will solve your issue quickly and conveniently. Additionally, you'll be better equipped with your budget in advance so that no unexpected costs appear in your bank account. Find out more about what is a house warranty.