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RM 1,500,000

Home Features ✓ 6 Bedrooms ✓ 6 Bathrooms ✓ 2 Livingrooms ✓ Guest Room ✓ Swimming Pool


RM 1,500,000

+ 3 Year Warranty

Home Features ✓ 6 Bedrooms ✓ 6 Bathrooms ✓ 2 Livingrooms ✓ Guest Room ✓ Swimming Pool

We create smooth transactions for happy homeowners.

We support house buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents who represent on their behalf.

Benefits to Home Sellers

  • It helps to protect your home during the listing period.
  • It may help out-of-pocket expenses from breakdowns while the home is on the market.
  • Offers a quick and reliable professional service for covered malfunctions.
  • Gives a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge.
  • We give prospective buyer confidence.
  • It helps prevent post-sale disputes since buyers will call HANDIBEE to cover system failures.

Benefits to Home Buyers

  • A yearly subscription service agreement includes predictable expenses for repair and replacement due to normal wear and tear.
  • Access to certified technicians on covered breakdowns.
  • Improve home buyers' confidence and satisfaction.
  • Help to reduce search time and worries using an on-demand service provider.
  • An annual subscription that's also renewable for continuous protection.

Benefits to Agent

  • A well-maintained home is simpler to sell.
  • Help to reduce liabilities for aftersale. For example, new homeowners can contact HANDIBEE for assistance if a pipe leaks.
  • Reduces stress during the listing period; if something goes wrong, we'll fix it.
  • It helps make your listings stand out in the market.
  • Increases opportunities for referrals.

How we make you unique as an agent

We are aware that referrals account for 49% of your sales. Get them home warranty subscriptions so that customers appreciate the value of your service.

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