Tips: How to get rid of termites naturally

Time to fix: 20 - 25 minutes

Termites are tiny insects that eat wood and resemble ants. People frequently mistake them for ants since they resemble ants. Termite infestation signs indicators are listed below.

Wood damage: If you look closely, you can often see the damage to wooden structures. A hollow sound can also be heard when you knock on the damaged wood's surface.

Mud tubes: Thin lines of mud that can be seen on wall cracks and crevices are the telltale signs of a termite infestation.

Termite wings and droppings: A problem will likely develop if you notice termite wings on or near your property. Termite faeces, which resemble tiny wood pellets and coffee grounds, are also visible.

Why do you need to fix it?

  1. To reduce the damage to your house, especially wood materials.
  2. To prevent termites from spreading to other locations or areas on your property.

So how to do it? Naturally

Sunlight exposure

Termites like to remain unnoticed in moist, dark wood. So, the natural approach to killing them is to expose them to sunshine. Keep the pieces of furniture exposed to the sun for at least three days if they are infected with termites. This is among the simplest natural termite control methods available. You can expose termites to ultraviolet light if they are a problem in your home's walls and fixtures. This will have a similar impact on sunlight.

Place a wet cardboard

Wet cardboard makes excellent bait for termites since they have a craving for cellulose. Cellulose is a component of wood fibres used to manufacture cardboard. Place a piece of moist cardboard near the location where you see termites. Please take out the cardboard and burn it as soon as you notice them crowding on it.

Salt borate

Salt called borate is created from boric acid. The primary component of boric acid, boron, is a naturally occurring element. It is non-toxic to humans in modest doses but not to termites. The salt particles adhere to termites when they come in contact with and harm the exoskeleton. Termites cannot manage the abrasive effects of this salt because it damages their nervous and digestive systems. Consequently, this salt kills termites naturally. Just sprinkle borate salt in areas where there are termite infestations.

Use aloe vera

In addition to helping to keep your house in tip-top shape, this magical plant heals your skin. In many Indian farms, aloe vera is used as a bio-pesticide to ward against termites. Aloe vera pulp should be crushed, then thoroughly combined with water. Use the mixture to create a natural termite spray by pouring it into a spray bottle and using it on your home's termite-infested areas.

Just salt

As you probably already know, salt has various purposes outside simply seasoning food. As termites dislike salty environments, salt is a natural termite repellent. Simply combine equal parts of salt and warm water, then pour the mixture into any cracks or holes where termites may have gained access.

A soap liquid

The most effective method of preventing a termite infestation is a simple alternative of dish soap and water. Termites are killed when the dish soap mixture has an adverse effect on their respiratory systems. The termite eggs' outer shells also fall off when exposed to a dish soap solution, halting the spread of the infestation.