Tips: How to Clean Marks Off Your Walls

Time to fix: 10 minutes

Over time your door frames and walls will have been marked due to passing by or accidental hits with hard objects.

Here's how to get started cleaning marks from your walls.

Why do you need to fix it?

  1. Make your house looks beautiful.
  2. Reduce the cost of painting the whole wall.

What do you need to do? If you spot some stains on your wall.

  1. Identify the mark, for example, pencil, crayon, pen, mark from your luggage, etc.
  2. If the mark can easily remove, try using an eraser. That will do the job.
  3. However, use soap and water for the more challenging mark. Use a soft sponge or cloth to remove dirt marks.
  4. Stubborn spots are best to use baking soda. Use a soft cloth and soap; try adding a paste made of baking soda and water to the area and scrubbing gently in small, circular motions.
  5. Finally, use a dry cloth and keep it dry.