Tips: Fix the flow of your tap water

Time to fix: 10 - 15 minutes

If the water pressure from your water tap is getting worse, the problem is probably with your filter. The filter is situated where the water exits the fixture, and it's made to combine water and air to provide a steady flow and avoid splashing.

Mineral deposits that grow on the filter over time from naturally occurring minerals can obstruct water flow. While getting rid of mineral deposits can be challenging. Use white vinegar to soak the filter for the entire night.

Why do you need to fix it?

  1. To a better flow of water
  2. Remove unwanted mineral deposits that end up in your drinks.

So how to do it? Cleaning the filter

From the tip of tap water, unscrew it. Using pliers and masking tape or a rubber glove to protect the filter will prevent scratching if it is too tight to remove by hand.

Put the filter in a mug with vinegar and soak it all night. After giving it a thorough rinse, reattach it to the water tap faucet and tighten it manually.

Suppose the filter appears to be rusted or otherwise damaged. Get it replaced, or more leisurely; call Handibee to get it fixed.