Streamlining Apartment Management with Handibee Home Warranty


Mr Chua, an apartment landlord, owns a unit in a bustling urban complex. He was keen on ensuring a hassle-free experience for himself and his tenants. The unit featured two air-conditioning units, a factor that raised concerns about maintenance and repairs.


  1. Uncertain Air Conditioning Maintenance: Mr Chua worried about whether his tenants would properly service the air conditioning units, potentially leading to issues and costly repairs.
  2. Lack of Repair Coordination: Tenants struggled to find reliable repair services, and the Joint Management Board (JMB) wasn't always available for assistance.
  3. Fluctuating Repair Costs: Repair costs varied with each service, causing stress for Mr Chua and his tenants.

Solutions: Mr Chua opted for the "Apartment Lux" plan from Handibee Home Warranty to address these challenges.

  1. Complementary Air-Conditioning Servicing: The plan included complimentary air-conditioning servicing, easing Mr Chua's concerns about maintenance. Any additional servicing required would only involve a top-up fee.
  2. Efficient Repair Management: Handibee's solution streamlined the process. A single call to Handibee engaged their expert team, who managed and coordinated all technician visits to the apartment.
  3. Transparent Pricing: The introduction of hourly manhours eliminated the need for negotiations or price fluctuations. All costs were now fixed, transparent, and based on hourly rates.



Handibee Home Warranty's "Apartment Lux" plan transformed Mr Chua's apartment management experience. The comprehensive coverage and efficient repair management streamlined operations, ensuring a positive tenant experience and peace of mind for Mr Chua. The result was a win-win scenario, where both landlord and tenants benefited from a hassle-free, transparent, and well-managed apartment living experience.