Realtor sells her listing property 3x faster during the listing period.


In Malaysia, real estate agents play a significant role in buying and selling homes as they simplify the process of negotiation and paperwork management.


  1. Prospective buyers may be discouraged if they encounter unexpected maintenance issues during a house visit, such as a leaky ceiling or faulty pipes and electrical work, leading to a drop in the house's value.
  2. With many realtors listing similar properties at the same price, there is a lack of added value beyond price competitiveness.
  3. Homeowners often do not take care of their homes before selling them, which may result in issues that could deter potential buyers.


  1. The realtor partner with Handibee to access warranty plans for landed and apartment property.
  2. The realtor can rest easy knowing that all pipes and electrical work are in working order with Handibee's home warranty, which eliminates any surprises during property visits and increases buyer confidence.
  3. A home warranty differentiates properties during listing periods, giving them a competitive edge over other listings that don't offer such coverage.
  4. With a home warranty, homeowners can rest assured that their property is well-maintained, whether it's occupied by tenants or not, ensuring that realtors are always ready to bring prospects and close deals faster.



Revolutionize your real estate game with Handibee's home warranty plan. Sell properties faster and give potential buyers peace of mind with our reliable repair and maintenance services.